BT homehub 6 with Asus RT-AC66U B1 as a LAN repeater can i do that ?

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hi folks,
I have 3 iPTV devices all hard wired to my BT homehub 6, i need to put these all on 1 VPN (i've got a PIA vpn account)
so my idea was (don't know if it can be done) use the BT homehub to connect to internet, use 3 of its LAN connextions for laptops/pc etc,
the last LAN port connect that to the Asus RT-AC66U (hard wired bridge ?) put the VPN details into the ASUS then connect the 3 IPTV devices to it via hard wire
so its a ethernet switch that can have a vpn switched on/off as needed
would that work ? If its possible I'll need spoon feeding on getting it working as my brain just not working well since i retired a few years ago


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Yes, will work but use the AC66U_b1 in router mode. By default it will use a LAN

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