BTTV stopped working with latest firmware on RT-AX92u

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Last week my BTTV channels, which use multicast, stopped working out of the blue
I assumed it might be a problem on BTs end, but when i looked at the router, there was a firmware update on the RT-AX92U.
It updated to the night before it stopped working

Im on fibre broadband, and the ax92 is connected directly to the ONS and i have an RT-AC5300 in Aimesh, connected via a wireless backhaul.

Anyone got any idea on something the firmware update might have changed to break multicast.


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No idea (and I'm sure neither do the firmware developers either) what happened.

What have you done to see if you can fix the issue though? Did a reboot of the router and the devices in question help?

Did you power down your modem/ONT and router for at least 20 minutes before powering up the network again (I prefer 60 minutes to not need to repeat this if that is what will fix it)?

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