Bufferbloat A+ Asus GT-AXE-16000 + AX-11000


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I am trying to get 1000mbps QoS with A+ bufferbloat rating
I can only get the router to pump out 400mbps with QoS enabled
Anyone know if I could buy another router and have them split the CPU workload? (edited)
Or maybe use the other router with QoS disabled and have only wifi used on that network?
Or is the only real solution to buy x4 identical routers to each pump out 300mbps and then I could attain my 1200-1300mbps internet speed?

Ok so my asus axe11000 router is unable to use qos and pump out more than 400mbps down. So I setup QoS to have max of 300mbs download to follow the 25% rule. My question is: How would I go about adding another router and take advantage of my remaining 600mbs internet speed? I want to get the new axe16000 router. Then plug my cable modem xfinity gateway 3 into the 2.5g wan port. This would then allow 2.5g wifi and wifi6e internet. Xfinity gateway does not ssupport link aggregation, but I do believe if i use the 2.5g port on the xfinity cable router/modem and connect it to the 2.5g wan port, on the new router, that would work, no? Then I could have direct connection from my old router to my gaming pc with qos on 300mbs. This would leave the new router to use its wifi signal to provide the other ~600 mbps to mobile and tv devices on my network, right?

I want to add the axe160000 router to my axe11000 router network. I have an xfinity gateway 3.0 device setup in bridge mode currently connected to my axe11000. When I add the new router, I want the remaining 600mbps to be used for wifi on my network.
The issue is my current router can only pump 400mbps with qos enabled. Will my new router be able to have qos disabled and take advantage of my remaining network bandwidth? (edited)
Can qos even be on one router and not the other?
Can qos split the workload between 2 router cpu?
Am I making any sense? (edited)
Basically, I want my current router to be using 300mbps for my gaming pc.
Then the new router to provide 600mbps over wifi 6e for every other device on my network.

PS: Sorry for the format I am just very confused and could not express my point any other way.


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This is a problem with most consumer-focused routers. The CPUs in them don't have enough horsepower to handle multiple functions such as QoS, AiProtection, VPNs etc without throttling your ISP's broadband speeds. I don't think you can split CPU utilisation like what you've described above. I believe all the processing/routing is done only through the main router while the AiMesh nodes essentially function as wifi range extenders. I have a pair of AXE11000s and leave QoS off so as not to throttle broadband speed. I recently bought a pair of AXE16000s as well and the CPU limitations drop my ISP's 10Gbps broadband speeds down to around 2.6Gbps if I turn on any functions such as AiProtection, VPNs or QoS. Asus Tech Support pretty much told me to turn off AiProtection, Traffic Analyzer, Web History, Adaptive QoS, Game boost, Web & apps filters, bandwidth monitor, Mobile Game Mode to maintain optimal internet speed. With that, I returned both AXE16000s and went back to using my RT-AX89X. Maybe it's the Qualcomm CPU here that's helping me get close to 10Gbps broadband speeds even with AiProtection turned on at least. Turning on QoS and VPNs on that router however also drops wired speeds to around 1.4Gbps. So yeah, I guess those are the limitations of using consumer-focused routers...I was told business/enterprise-focused routers such as those from Mikrotik or Ubiquiti would be better equipped to handle those functions but not at the expense of sharp drops in ISP-advertised broadband speeds.


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Posted this in the AXE16000 owners thread:

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