[BUG?] Administration -> System -> Router Login Name errors: 384.18 -.19 at least


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Ver 384.18 through 384.19 so far
I don't know how long it has been a bug but at least for the last 2 vers

I have 2 issues:
I am not able to save anything on the Administration -> System page because my " Router Login Name " begins with a number.
I get " Only alphanumeric characters and dash symbol are accepted. The first character cannot be a dash - . "

And once changed to something w/o a beginning number I am able to save the settings but the next time I try to save any settings I get " This account already exists. Please enter a different name. "


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Known issue...one way to get into it is if you incorrectly import saved settings.....


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I have not imported anything! Just dirty flash the upgrades.

If this is a known issue how can anybody change the settings on the system page??

Is the fix to manually reorder

nvram get acc_list
nvram get acc_webdavproxy
so the admin user is first??

And what about the Admin account starting with a number??
I have had this for at least a year...

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