Bug regarding the picture assignments for devices using the Guest Wifi

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Using 386.2_6 firmware on the RT-AC3100 and there appears to be a bug regarding the adjustments of pictures for devices using the guest wifi.

After attempting to change the picture you get this error, so we're unable to adjust the pictures for these devices thru the gui.



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The problem is that the IP address range on the guest network is 192.168.102.xxx which is a separate range just for the guest network clients. I have seen this problem on prior versions and I think it's an issue with the Asus firmware which is then inherited by Merlin.

I was able to get around this and change the icons by doing the following:
  1. Disable the guest network
  2. Change the settings on the regular wireless network(s) to match what the guest network was: SSID and password. This will cause new IP addresses for the former guest clients to be in the proper range so icons can be assigned.
  3. Change the icons as you wish
  4. Change the regular network back to prior SSID and password
  5. Re-enable the guest network
It's a bother, but it works. Perhaps someone else has a more elegant explanation and solution.


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