BUG: RT-AC86U: Traffic Analyser Statistics fails to record data.


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I would like to report a bug in the recent firmware. 386.4. I also did not see any changes or fixes to the recent stable builds either. So
Under Traffic Analyzer, go to the Statistics section after several days of data gathering, there is no more data being gathered.
See attached picture.

On top of this, it seems that Parental Controls > Time scheduling is no longer working since I have setup block controls for some of my son's devices and he is still able to get through to the Internet.

Not sure what is going on but I would like to report this so that is can get fixed. I have not rebooted my router in case you need some data off it.
Let me know if you require anything.


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Welcome to the forums @wrtbugfinder.

386.4 is not recent firmware. No point reporting bugs for firmware that has been superceded by 386.7 Beta 1 already. And 386.5_2 before that.


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