Built-in NTP server: How to configure/interact?


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I can't seen to figure out how you configure and/or interact with the built-in NTP server after enabling "Enable local NTP server" in Administration -> System. Where do you configure the servers, minpoll, maxpoll, and find the stats?


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from your signature, we can tell you're familiar with terminal/command line: you need to find the ntpMerlin master thread in the Asuswrt-Merlin Add-ons sub-forum, and the installation/configuration instructions are usually in the 1st post.


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I wasn't talking about ntpmerlin in this case, just whatever ntp server is enabled when you tick the box to "Enable local NTP server"


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You can't. This is a basic ntpd provided by Busybox, not the full ntpd suite.


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Yes. I later installed ntpmerlin, but that's not working out for me so far.



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I'm getting inconsistent NTP server behavior. Using default settings, I can tell the NTP server is working from the UI. When I try and access it, it frequently acts as though it's inactive:


Note that it takes five queries before I get a valid response.

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