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Bullguard Releases Free-To-Use Smart Home Security Scanner For IoT

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Bullguard’s Dojo Intelligent IoT Vulnerability Scanner (DIS) is an app (Android and iOS) that runs security risk assessments and scores home environments that have smart home products like cameras, lights, smart locks, as well as computers and similar items.

In order for DIS to give the final network security score, the apps runs a discovery process, with the help of local and cloud-based detection engines, and identifies every connected device on the network, providing the consumer with a full list of connected items. Then, using the cloud-based Bullguard Dojo security risk assessment service, DIS presents the vulnerabilities found, as well as an overall score, where “10” is best.

For those that own Bullguard’s Dojo appliance (available separately), features found in the new assessment tool are also integrated into the appliance’s own Dojo app. Vulnerability scans can be run from the Dojo app, instead of the assessment tool, while real-time security alerts are sent to the Dojo app, notifying Dojo owners about a vulnerable device.

Available now, Bullguard’s Dojo Intelligent IoT Vulnerability Scanner is downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play.

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