amtm Busted - first USB key format to dead (with AMTM Format tool)

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After flash new 386.B3 merlin to my AC86u, I am looking for some fun custom scripts and encounter AMTM. So I read the guide @L&LD provided, insert a good-working 16GB usb key onto my router. It was recognized well under "USB 3.0" port. Great.
Then I SSH, start AMTM, choose to format this USB key (ext4, journal), after that, router require reboot ?!? Anyway go ahead ... wait ... reboot ... re-login, however, now USB 3.0 mark as "unmounted"???? SSH again, check log, everything fine not reporting any error.
Go ahead create swap file, fail report can't find USB device ... right it's unmounted ... re-run format, seems it still find it, do format, no issue, reboot ??!#[email protected]#@#
After reboot, Nothing change ... so I use Router GUI to format to different format, some works some don't but didn't give reason. Still display "unmounted".
Take it off from router and insert into my PC, for sure ask me to "Format". However windows can't finish formatting and report "Unable to finish" ... I got a busted USB key from now on. :-(

PS: I checked some other peoples' recent report, looks like not only 1 incident.

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