Buying a new router - RT-AC86U?


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At the moment, I'm just using the modem/router supplied by my ISP.

I've been looking at buying the RT-AC86U and wondering if it's worth the investment in terms of how long it will be supported by merlin software?
In UK, it retails for around £160, which is my budget.

Or are there alternatives that can be recommended?

In terms of use, a couple of laptops and phones, netflix streaming, access to home (debian) server. No gaming devices. I may also set up vpn access, and use ad-blocking.

EDIT: I've just come across the RT-AX68U - is that a viable alternative to AC86U?

Thanks for any advice
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I think this is a pretty good review of he RT-AC86U. It is long, but has I think some very useful comparisons towards the end, including some comparisons with the RT-AC68U.


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Which review are you referring to?

Save some more and go for AX86U. The older AC86U has overheating issues in warmer environments. This forum has several threads about it, search around. Routers made in 2017-2018 have higher failure rate, perhaps heat related. If you want AC86U, buy only new and with good warranty.


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Would gladly buy any of these two. You may also consider the price point as well, if that's a factor. If not, get the AX86U.


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