Bypassing Merlin router-based VPN for specific software

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New Around Here
I have an ASUS RT-AC68U running Merlin, and PIA VPN.

I want to run the traffic for my LG WebOS TV through the VPN and there is no way to install a VPN client on the TV locally (which would be the easiest way to switch the tunnel on/off) so my only viable solution is to run it through the router tunnel. However, that will block my access to Netflix, Prime and iPlayer. Is there a way to specify that traffic from that software does not use the tunnel? Someone has suggested I can amend the config file by adding 'block-outside-dns' but I wasn't sure where to add that, or even if that was the correct solution.

Can anyone advise, please? Can anyone also advise whether I can run 2 tunnels simultaneously with 1 routed through UK and the 2nd through Denmark with PIA?

Thanks in advance.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Is there a way to specify that traffic from that software does not use the tunnel?

No. The router has no way of knowing what application generated what traffic.


New Around Here
Thanks Merlin. Someone has suggested the following can be used:

I've yet to explore it properly but they have indicated that they use the routing script to split their traffic with their streaming services sitting outside the tunnel and their tunnelled traffic being split across 2 different VPNs (one UK based the other based in Denmark)

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