Cable modem question / forward path equalizer

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Hopefully this is the correct forum for a cable modem question...

My cable internet connection was installed just a few days ago. I noted that the incoming line had a 15db forward path attenuator on it.

Looking at my modem stats, with the attenuator in place, you can see below that 15db appears to be a little too much attenuation. Likewise, based on what I see, I suspect a forward path EQUALIZER is needed as the power levels on the higher frequencies are substantially lower than those at the lower frequencies.

Removing the attenuator results in the highest power reading being around the 10dBmV level.

Based on the fact that what you see below is with the 15db attentuator, it looks to me like a 8db forward path equalizer would be more appropriate?

Or, since I will need to add a 2-way splitter which has a 3.5db - 4db attenuation, a combination of the splitter and a 4db forward path equalizer also seems like it may be an alternative solution.

Is my understanding of this correct or errorneous?


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