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Cable replacement SFF8644 to SFF8088 for TL-D1600S

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I Would need a recommendation: One of my 4 cables (SFF8644 to SFF8088) connecting the TL-D1600S with my main NAS TVS872XT is defective and needs to be replaced. Can I just replace it with any similar SAS cable I can find online (amazon, Aliexpress etc) or does it need to be replaced with the QNAP proprietary cable from their website (expensive but safe bet)?

I am not at all into cables/wiring and would need some advice from members of this forum as to what to look (in specs??) before making such alternative cable purchase.

Thanks in advance!
Welcome to the forums @Stierthuh69.

An SAS cable is a standard, buy and try starting at the lowest price you're comfortable with (not too low...). From a reputable source.

How did you determine the cable is defective? Is the drive it connects to proven reliable too?

What is the price difference between the official QNAP cable and the possible replacements? If your DATA is important, a few dollars more shouldn't be your reason to not consider it.
Thanks for the fast response! Will make good use of it.

The cable got defective during our recent move. Stupid me somehow managed to get it between a (closing) door causing the connector housing to deform and a connector clip?? on the SFF8644 side to break loose. Now it does not fit into the socket from the card in the TVS872XT anymore and I doubt that it would work properly if it even does.

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