Cake and WAN packet overhead (VDSL2 PPPoE PTM UK)

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Hello everyone

I'm trying to figure out what the ideal wan packet overhead number for a VDSL2 PPPoE PTM (with vlan tagging) connection would be. It's very popular in the UK for FTTC by ISP such as BT (which I have).

Cake seems good enough right now (A+ in bufferbloat) but I would still like to understand the proper values. When you select VDSL2 PPPoE PTM from the drop down, you get these numbers:
Now after looking at this:

It seems like 30 would be correct. However, since my ISP has vlan tagging I need to look at ether-vlan and add 4 so in total 34. I was still not sure on the "mode" section. In the drop down box it has 3 options: Normal, ATM, PTM

It's likely that Normal = noatm. ATM and PTM are the compensations applied to bandwidth. I did think if I should even use the PTM flag because of this post: viewtopic.php?p=885000#p885628

It should just be better to do the 64/65 calculation (0.984) on bandwidth. Apparently this isn't as CPU intensive or something?

So my questions are:

1: Should I actually be setting 34 on wan packet overhead based on my connection?
2: Should I set the PTM flag or take care of it myself in bandwidth number (0.984)?

Thank you

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