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Camera > Asus 68u (vpnserver) > wireless broadband/router explain data use

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I have been testing data use (data comsumption) for the last weeks because I am unsure I shall go for the new wireless broadband instead of the old adsl. The problem is howto find how much data (GB) it use in different configurations. I use the vpnserver and the wireless broadband most of the time only for the webcamera.

My tests (streaming video) show about 1.0 GB per hour in the traffic analyzer i asus, but the provider of the wireless broadband/router cost me 1.5 GB per hour (one example). Of course it differ with different quality and these numbers is from HD 1920-1080, 6 frames/sek and 2048 bitrate. I also varies over the day/night because of automatic "settings".

The provider of the wireless broadband gives me numbers for UP and Down and this also varies a lot: DOWN about 240 MB to about 400 MB per hour and I cannot explain why. All test is done without any other devices or use / logged in.

The main problem is that the difference between Asus traffic analyzer and the wireless broadband is about 50 % plus for the last one. Can it have something to do with the vpn? Maybe this is normal?

I also am looking for a method to set a maximum limit for the broadband use (Mb/s), but only find minimum limit in Qos. Have I missed something?
No answer yet, but hope someone feel to help me now.

I have tested my wireless broadband a lot more and compare it with traffic analyzer in the asus 68u.
I show both in pics here. It is easy to see that the Wireless count a lot of data which the asus can't see.

Can anyone explain this and is there any other method to count data in my asus router. (The wireless router is only in bridge and can't be reached at all in that mode). I use the asus as vpn server and during the the last month has it only been reached through the vpn.

Wireless per 19. april.jpg

traffic asus.jpg

The monthly traffic in asus is 25.2 GB inc. 19. april but 6.1 of this is not from april. The net per 18. april is 18.8 GB which is far away from the wireless' 31.73 GB. 90-100% of my use is file transfer from camera to remote via vpn. The rest is showing the asus router itself.

Please help me.
Adding up all the download figures from 27/3/2019 to 18/4/2019 give approximately 24GB. This roughly matches what the Traffic Analyzer says, 25.2GB.

The individual numbers for each day don't quite align but I suspect that is because time is set differently on each device.

So it looks like the Asus isn't counting the upload traffic. If you change the display from "both" to "upload" what do you see?
Thanks, ColinTaylor.
I enclose pics of up and down, but it seems very strange. Part of the month the upwards is high and opposite. I am sitting remote and watch stream from the webcamera via vpn. I can't really do anything else through the vpn than look at the stream, config the camera and look into the asus router. The high download is mysterious.


What happened on 04/11?

What firmware version are you using?

I also am looking for a method to set a maximum limit for the broadband use (Mb/s), but only find minimum limit in Qos. Have I missed something?
Change from Adaptive QoS to Bandwidth Limiter. But I don't know whether that works when using a VPN.
What happened on 04/11?

What firmware version are you using?

Change from Adaptive QoS to Bandwidth Limiter. But I don't know whether that works when using a VPN.
I am not using the latest firmware, but it is not so old (384.7.2). I shall travel to the location on sunday and do the upgrade there as I don't dare doing it from remote.

I have tried out Bandwidth limiter, but found that it only gives me minimum limit. Setting it to 0.2 MB/s both up and down had no effect when the stream use 10 times more.

I remember now that I travelled from the camera and vpnserver location on the 10th of April and this explain why the up and down change at the 11th as all traffic from then on is from remote (and not before). Looking on the numbers, it seems more compliance between the wireless router and the asus before 11th April.

The main problem excists - why the difference between the asus and the wireless broadband?
Can the vpn double the data consumption? I have no vpn-server home/remote but use Openvpn and client1.ovpn to get connection.

Is there an extern app available that can overlook the data use?
I used a couple of days bofore April to investigate Chromecasts data use and changed from HD to SD. I also discovered that Chromecast use about 0.5 GB per day even if it not in use. I had to cut their internet in ASUS to avoid that. The rest of data use before 11th April is mostly use of laptop and ipad - no vpn. From April 11th the only use is streaming from the camera and some mail from the camera.

Can asus router itself use very much data?

I begin thinking that it cost me money if I open the openvpn (client1.ovpn) from the home computer - also without streaming. Can that be one reason?

Is it possible that the wireless router (in bridge) can double the data use in some way - or can I have been responsible for data use from other users? I mean not the asus - it is safe, but what happen in the wireless router bridge?
I apologize, I find it very hard to follow along with what you're saying. If you can provide a diagram of the setup, I would find it very helpful.

But is the OpenVPN client continuously running? Is your home computer reaching the internet via the cameras connection (which, if I am understanding all the above correctly, the 'wireless broadband' that you are referring to)?

Please try to describe your network(s) in more detail for us.

I think (hope) that you may just need to change or turn off a setting in the OpenVPN configuration to just have the camera traffic flowing from the 'wireless broadband'.
My config at camera location (300 km away) is an unnamed wireless broadband router (only called smartrouter) as router No.1 - set as bridge. Cabel to asus 68u with Wrt-Merlin set up as vpn server because of security for the camera. 5E cable between routers and from the camera.

At home remote I use the client1.ovpn file and Openvpn to contact the camera and the asus at the camera location.

Yes, at home I have the Openvpn going and only disconnect late evening. May be the problem?
I have lauched the camera in the computer in IE (via ip-No, user and password), moved to Third stream and have a look (stream) once a hour or so. After some seconds I stop the stream, camera view page is still there.

In the asus traffic analyzer there is no data use when I have the camera view page open and have stopped the stream. There is no data in the traffic analyzer showing asus data use itself, but in the traffic monitor realtime I can see that it use about 55 kb/s when start and 3-4 kb/s when still open.

I shall now of course try to disconnect the vpn at remote (home) and test the data consume again. I think i should be null.

It is a little work to open both the vpn connection, launch the camera and get the stream. May be I have to accept that extra work in the future. The last days I have had the vpn connection open and the camera view open (no stream) without doing anything except for short periods (seconds).

But the data use is high, very high.
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I am a chess fan and discover that viewing Chessbomb matches cost me near 5 GB per match (many hours). It is the stream from Chessbomb that seems quite different from viewing newspapers and googling.

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