Can a GT-AC5300 support asuswrt-merlin firmware?

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Just bought GT-AC5300 on advice that by installing asuswrt firmware I could configure it as a VPN router by creating a NordVPN VPN Client connection like I have on my RT-AC87U which works perfectly.

Tried loads of different versions and every time I try to upload I get "Invalid Firmware Upload", so does the router actually support merlin? - if so, has Asus stopped it in some way and is there a workaround? if not it's back to Amazon!

thanks in advance


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No. Merlin doesn't make a firmware that is compatible with any of the GT- models.


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thanks for the speedy replies guys, looks like I can't (and will never be able to) setup the VPN Client I want so back in the box it goes

thanks for your help


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hhhhhhmmmmm now I am confused, added a Server via VPN | VPN Fusion from imported NordVPN openvpn file, activated it and set as default.

All WIFI traffic now seems to be going through that VPN connection and looks exactly the same as my VPN Client setup on RT-AC87U - am I being thick or is this what I was trying to achieve, am I missing something?

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