Can ASUS RT-AC51U run Merlin?


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I need to connect an ASUS RT-AC51U router via OpenVPN to my home OpenVPN server so the clients of that router can share the VPN connection (there are only 2-3 clients - 1 Chromecast and 1-2 phones).

But when reading through the user's manual for RT-AC51U I only see one reference to VPN and this is how to set up the router as a PPTP VPN server! Nowhere can I find how to make the router connect to an OpenVPN server as a client.

So now I would like to know:
- Does Merlin run on an RT-AC51U at all?
- If so, does it support the router connection as client to an OpenVPN server?
- And how can I install Merlin on the router?

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