Can I forward a port from VPN to an internal device?

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I have switched to t-mobile home as my primary provider (vs Frontier 3mbit DSL). Problem is, the connection is behind a NAT.

My VPN provider, Windscribe, has a plan with a static IP address and up to 10 ports that I can forward and that I use Merlin to connect to as a client. I'm wanting to connect to my NVR to check my cameras on port 37778. I opened it up on Winscribe and I can't connect to the NVR. I tested the port and it's open from the outside.

Do I need to forward the port from the client VPN to the internal IP address? Can I?


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You have to manually (as in use a script) to port forward over the VPN. The GUI only port forwards over the WAN.

P.S. A word of caution. This will only work if the targets of the remote access over the VPN are themselves bound to the VPN!
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Oh boy... Thanks for the reply! I'm not real familiar with iptables but I will dig into it. Thanks!

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