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It's been well established that BBR is really fast when it comes to TCP / UDP congestion control - I can't be the only one who sees value in BBR - Can I request This Feature or documentation on enabling BBR and QUIC3 on Merlin - I'll beta test. As far as I see it's all in the sysctl.conf - can anyone confirm if it's that simple or if there's packages that need to be modded to make it happen. Since this is a project that takes much of ASUS's own code - I assume I need written permission to modify the files or build a custom built version. Our primary router is the ASUS 1900P - on ASUS Merlin and my own router uses the ASUS Merlin FIrmware on the ASUS AX88U router
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Congestion control mostly makes sense on endpoints, not on routers.

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