Can MerlinWRT be done with GPL codes?

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Hello. We use the Asus DSL-N14U model. Inventory Software is missing many features are missing. For example the Wifi Repeater function. Can these modems be ported to MerlinWRT using GPL code? We are ready to do all kinds of help. We would be very happy to help.


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This question was already asked several times and the answers can be found here and here. :oops:

Nevertheless I have started a private conversation with you about what's needed for such an adventure... :rolleyes:


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Unfortunatelly devices like DSL-N14U and DSL-N16U are MediaTek based, not Broadcom which the developed code can be ported more easily.

It can also be done obviously on MediaTek, but it would require tons of work/testing/debugging and literally starting from scratch.

Padavan is the right person to work on those devices, since all his developed code is based on MediaTek.

DSL-AC68U is already supported and GT-AC5300 will also be ported once I have a unit, both Broadcom units.

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