Can no longer connect to Asus RT-AX86U after setup

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My router is new to me and I immediately flashed the latest Merlin firmware (386.2.4) to my AX86U and had no troubles for about a day. Last evening I noticed my 5Ghz band was inoperative. I swapped our device to the 2.4Ghz with no issue and continued on. This morning I attempted to log into the router via and, both of which have previously worked without any problem. I am no longer able to connect via either address, wired or wireless.. it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I did a factory reset after this and was able to connect and setup but as soon as I changed the SSID on both networks (not using smart connect) I am unable to long in. The internet and connections seem to work just fine but I can't get to any settings.

I appreciate any insight into this issue, thank you.

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