Can someone clarify how the WAN DNS order works?

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In this window:


Does DNS2 only get checked if DNS1 doesn't respond, or are the requests being round-robined between them? Would be nice to know or provide the option between those two behaviours. Thank you to anyone that knows the answer!


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I'm not certain of the designed intent during normal operation but it appeared, on initial power up, that the router sends out parallel queries at the same time. That behavior might only be during the initialization phase since that was when I was tracing the interface.


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Every 50 queries or every 20 seconds (whichever comes first), dnsmasq will send a query to all its servers to see which are still responding and which might be fastest.

Otherwise, I think it just keeps sending to the last known working server, which should also end up being the fastest server to respond first.

There are custom options to alter the behavior, but this is how I believe it works as configured by the firmware.

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