Can the update interval on Merlin's VPN - Status be increased?


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The VPN-Statust tab allows monitoring of every VPN instance. It works quite well however only updates once every several seconds. Is it possible to increase the update interval to several times per second for real-time monitoring?
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It's not just a matter of reading the info, you have to configure OpenVPN to generate that info first.


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The servers' status file is at /etc/openvpn/server1/status (or server2).

I see the generated config file has
status-version 2
status status 5
Version 2 being a more verbose comma-delimited file.
You could try adding in the custom config block
status status 1
which will show up in the configuration file after the status status 5 line. I can't see in the OpenVPN documentation whether that second definition will override the first or the double-definition will prevent it from starting.

The second status is the file name being written to, and the number is the number of seconds. I don't think you can write multiple times a second.

A downside is that that activity will go on even if no client is connected, I think. Useless writing.
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