Cannot access RT-N66U in recovery mode


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I have a RT-N66U running merlin 380.70 and CFE version I want to switch it to John's fork for better wifi. However, I cannot access the router in recovery mode.

I put the router in recovery mode by holding the reset button when powering on. It shows the slow blinking power LED. I then set my IP to, subnet to and gateway to However, once that is done, I cannot ping the router or access the CFE miniweb.

Once I reboot it, it restarts and boots the installed firmware just fine. I just cannot access the CFE miniweb to flash it. Any ideas on what to try?


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Part of the Furniture
Putting the efficacy of the change in firmware aside for the moment, are you sure the CFE IP is I have seen other IPs from time to time w/ Asus, like Somewhat rare, but it does happen.


Part of the Furniture
It's on this router. The computer must be connected to LAN port, not WAN. The update is really slow, may take >60min.

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