Cannot access web interface after upgrade to 386.1_2 on AC5300

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After update to newest version I suddenly can't access the web interface. I can see the login page but after authenticating it gets hung trying to log in.

Any ideas how to solve this?



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RT-AC88U -- 384.19_0 -> 386.1_2
I normally just do dirty upgrades and never had an issue until this time. I also ran into the whole cant get to the webui.
Everything else seemed to be fine, could ssh into router and I could see:

# top
Mem: 215184K used, 300024K free, 31020K shrd, 2396K buff, 89596K cached
CPU:  0.0% usr 77.2% sys  0.0% nic 22.7% idle  0.0% io  0.0% irq  0.0% sirq
Load average: 1.57 1.78 1.56 3/109 3482
  430     1 root    D    11160  2.1   0 40.8 nt_center
   61     2 root    RWN      0  0.0   1 31.8 [jffs2_gcd_mtd4]

Looking online, I decided to just let it sit overnight. Next morning everything back to normal:
# top
Mem: 136192K used, 379016K free, 1216K shrd, 2912K buff, 12092K cached
CPU:  4.5% usr  4.5% sys  0.0% nic 90.9% idle  0.0% io  0.0% irq  0.0% sirq
Load average: 0.00 0.04 0.05 2/111 22462
12990 12989 root    D     6196  1.2   1  4.5 cfg_server

Per forums everyone says this is 'normal' and the reason is in the changelog.. I assume its:

- NOTE: Some users upgrading might have to go through some
database maintenance on first boot, which means the
router might be slower or have a non-responsive webui
for a while.
This can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour,
depending on your model, just give it time to complete
the process.


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Well, despite the crippled search functionality of this forum and RMerlin's general hatred of the end-user, it could be beneficial for anyone experiencing web gui slowness/unresponsiveness after upgrading to 386.1_2 to monitor when the issue (database maintenance) is resolved:

  1. ssh into your router (if you can't do this stop here)
  2. Execute the command top (simply type top into the shell and hit enter)
  3. Look for the process (COMMAND column) named nt_center
Do you see it using a high percentage of the CPU?

Good! The database maintenance is still running. Continue to wait until the usage drops below 5%. This can take up to 90 minutes in extreme cases. Typically it should complete in less than an hour.


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and RMerlin's general hatred of the end-user

Interesting comment. I don't think he hates end users in general but he does get pissed very easy. But i tend to see this in many people that deal with computers and problem solving issues on a daily basis. Like him or not the guy does good work. ;)


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Interesting comment. I don't think he hates end users in general but he does get pissed very easy.
Not pissed.....frustrated. When you take the time to document things and people don't bother to read it.....or continually ask questions that have already been answered....

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