Cannot block device guest network

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When I try to block a device on my guest network I get an ip address error message and cannot block it. How can I fix this to disable unwanted devices? Also, I tried using parental controls but that did not work.


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Wireless MAC Filter - Reject. You can select device by name and clients on the Guest 1 do show up. They will not be able to connect to any SSID the router broadcasts.


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Thank you very much for the reply! I went into Wireless - Wireless Mac Filtering and turned it on. I selected the item from the drop down menu and applied the settings and then rebooted the router. The device still has full access to the internet. I double checked the mac address and noticed that it was different. I could not find the correct mac address in the list so I manually added it, applied and rebooted but it still has internet... I also verified that it was set to reject and not accept.

Update: I found the mac filtering you were referring to and it worked!! Thank you very much!
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