Cannot init jffs/scripts

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I have just installed merlin on my ac66u b1 and I cannot get the user scripts to work. I followed the documentation and have toggled the jffs buttons under Administration/System but no script files appear under /jffs/scripts.

What have I miss understand?
How can i initiate the scripts?


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@llundin welcome to the forums.

What scripts do you want? What amtm offers? Entware (you need to use amtm to install Entware with the latest firmware)? See the last link to get a USB drive properly prepared.

For other scripts, the following links may be helpful.

Features | Asuswrt-Merlin (

User scripts · RMerl/ Wiki · GitHub

Scheduled tasks (cron jobs) · RMerl/ Wiki · GitHub

Custom config files · RMerl/ Wiki · GitHub

AMTM · RMerl/ Wiki · GitHub

amtm Step-by-Step
(Note: you do not need to 'install' amtm if using RMerlin 384.15_0 or later).


New Around Here
I was referring to the "user scripts" but I now understand that I have to write my own scripts.
Its actually the life cycle hooks that are listed under the "user scripts" wiki page.

Thanks for the clarity!

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