Can't access RT-AX86U after setting it as Access Point (AP)


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I can't access my ASUS RX-86U after setting it to Access Point (AP) mode.

My setup is:
Modem -> R7000 Fresh Tomato running adblock, media server, and USB network drive -> Asus RT-AX86U
(Also running a PiHole for DNS but that shouldn't matter)

The R7000 is not *really* necessary except 1) It's already configured, is running adblock, and allows me to have 4 hardwired ports, also allows me to run a long ethernet cable to the Asus which can be placed in the center of the house up high in a second location and 2) I need either a network switch or the R7000 at the modem to plug in my ethernet devices located by the modem.

I purchased the ASUS due to its superior range, and am using it primarily for its wifi performance.

Modem -> R7000 WAN, R7000 port 1 -> ASUS WAN port.

When at default settings (all devices acting as router) internet works fine (though I understand this is not ideal, as you have multiple devices trying to do DHCP), but I cannot see the shared USB drive on the R7000 from devices connecting to the Asus (because they are on different subnets, ASUS on xxx.50.1, and R7000 on xxx.2.1)

So I logged in to my ASUS at and changed it to Access Point mode.
Great, now everything is working, I can see the R7000 shared USB drive from all devices. Only problem is I cannot access the ASUS device at all. does not even ping. does not resolve.
Tracert shows the following: (my R7000) (my ATT modem)
It is skipping the asus completely, as if it is invisible (it should be the first hop)

1) How does one access the ASUS at this point to tweak settings?

2) Is this the best way to set up my network? I do need: 4 ethernet ports at location A (by the modem) and wifi broadcast located at location B for full coverage of the house.


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When you configure the ASUS as an AP, you should change its IP to one which is in the same IP network as the primary router (R7000)! The fact you didn't is why you can't reach it. IOW, if the R7000 is, perhaps make the ASUS AP Just so long as the IP chosen is NOT in the R7000 DHCP server IP pool.


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It is skipping the asus completely, as if it is invisible (it should be the first hop)
This is how access points are meant to work. The problem is that when you changed to AP mode the Asus picked up a new IP address in the 192.168.2.x range via DHCP, unless you manually set one in the GUI.

Look in the R7000 for the Asus' new IP address. Or use the Asus Device Discovery utility to find it.


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