Diversion Can't book flights on "flytap.com" unless Diversion is disabled

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New Around Here
Hi there!

Diversion 3.1.9, amtm 4.1.12 and Merlin 386.1.2, on an Asus AX88U.

Unless I disable Diversion, I can't book any tickets on "flytap.com". I can access the main page, but as soon as I hit the "Search Flights" button, it'll never move from that screen, unless I disable Diversion. Three different browsers and two different computers agree. My cell phone agrees, unless I'm on 4G only, and then I can book. I have whitelisted the website, but it just won't move beyond the "Search Flights" button. Can you please look into it? Thanks!


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Welcome to the forums, @salted.cod.

If you open Diversion, once the main menu shows, hit f (for 'follow dnsmasq.log') as explained here: https://diversion.ch/diversion/manual/the-main-menu.html (lots of useful info here, btw).

Several options will be shown. 3 is a useful one to see which domains are being blocked while surfing.

If you keep a terminal window open while hitting "Search Flight" and keep an eye on the output of option 3. Make note of which domains are being blocked or copy or paste them into you favorite notepad application. Abort with CTRL-C and return to the main menu.

Now add them to the whitelist in Diversion. This can be done by choosing el from the main menu, followed by 1 (edit whitelist options). Now enter the domains that have been blocked while you where searching a flight. This is best done step by step, you don't want to whitelist adservers, so look closely at the domains you're whitelisting.

After adding one or more domain(s) to the whitelist, make sure to process the whitelist (option 4, if I'm not mistaken), so Diversion takes your changes into account. Repeat this until you can use the website you mentioned with it's full functionality.

Good luck.

Best regards,

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