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Can't connect to FTP server through the router from external IP address


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I have created a FTP server using FileZilla Server successfully on a network.
I can access the server with this address and see the files on the local network:

Now I have the problem when accessing the server from an external address using the server computer external address.
There is no response at all here. All IP addresses are the real ones.

So I have done this: (See images on the link)

- Port forwarding in the roter
- Put Firewall Low etc on the router
- Disabled ALL firewalls on the computer that has FileZilla server (No antivirus application exists on the computer)

I don't know what I can do more and why I can't get a connection with the server?

Many thanks


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I'm not familiar with your particular router but the "WAN Host IP Range" looks wrong to me. Looking at this manual I would guess it should have been left at -

You might need to disable or change to port of the router's own built-in FTP server to stop it conflicting with the one on your LAN (see the manual for details).

Also, the protocol for FTP is TCP only.


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Yes okay, I will try to see if the router has an inbuilt FTP that can be disabled. I tried to put - but that didn't work either.
I did look at a youtube video on exact this and then one should put the local IP address of the router on the "WAN Host IP Range" though.

I changed to TCP only also.

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