Can't Connect to LAN when using OpenVPN (Asus Router RT-AX86U)


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Hello, I'm trying to access my LAN when I'm away from my home, but I'm having some difficulties.

I've an ASUS router (RT-AX86U), and I've setup the OpenVPN server on it ("Push LAN to clients" is enabled):

Image 12-09-2021 172948.png

I've even setup a static route so that my VPN-enabled device (subnet 10.8.x.x) could access the LAN network (192.168.x.x) but not luck:

Image 13-09-2021 131621.png

I can connect to the VPN just fine, but when trying to access my LAN (e.g., a SMB share) I can't do that.

Do you have any clue what I'm doing wrong?



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Remove the static route.

Can you ping devices on your LAN?

How exactly are you trying to access the SMB shares? Have you adjusted the firewall on the target machine to allow access for SMB from the network?

Have you tried accessing other services on the LAN, like the web interface of a network printer?

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