Can't Find Asus RP-AX56. Recommend an alternative.


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Hi, can anyone advise me where I can purchase an Asus RP-AX56 WiFi 6 repeater from?
It's on the Asus website:
but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

As an alternative, I'll also consider the Netgear EX7500. Would this work with the Asus RT-AX58U?

I currently have a TP-Link RE450 repeater and it is pretty useless with my Asus RT-AX58U. It doesn't increase or extend the WiFi 6 signal at all.
TP-Link don't currently offer any repeater that provides a decent speed compliant with WiFi 6.
Again, asking the manufacturers has led to a zero response from them.


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It might help if we knew what country you're in.


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OK thanks. It appears that Asus have extended the roll out dates in the UK for all their Wifi 6 new items available elsewhere in the world.. I shall just have to wait...


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I am looking for this same repeater (or any ASUS AX repeater) in the US and I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Can anyone help? The conversation above implies it just wasn’t launched in the UK yet. Is it also not available in the US?


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It has become available in the UK but only in limited amounts and not yet in black. Because of limited availability, the price is ridiculous! It would be cheaper to purchase three RP-AX56's to use as repeaters only.
Asus support do not reply, and their shop just states the product is not yet available while selling a few through Amazon UK! I have found it on Amazon USA though, but still pricey, so keep looking and waiting.

I have asked on Netgear forums whether their EX7500 repeaters will work with this router, but again, no response. Don't even think about using TP-Link that appear to be three years behind everyone else with the promise of supporting software updates cancelled.

I am rather annoyed that the Asus website led me to believe this was the solution for me, only to find that the items are not actually available and with no information as to when they are likely to become so. Covid might interfere with production (though not in China) but that shouldn't affect communications. As I am already committed, I just hope the wait is worth It! If still not available in a few month's time, I'll change my router to Netgear and use their repeaters which are readily available and cheaper too.



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I see it available here in Portugal but it's price is up to 130€ which is almost the price of my AX-56u router

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