can't get Alexa to work on my sonos beam

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I was recently given a sonos beam for a birthday present so I connected it up to my rt ac 88 u running 13 . Now I can get the google assistant to work on it but I hate googles invasive nature.When I try and get Alexa to work on it it just won't connect.Sometimes it will say that my sonos is offline when its not and sometimes it will say that my android phone doesn't have enough memory and to restart it and try again.I am currently using express VPNs DNS servers and was wondering if this may be a problem.Any thoughts and help greatly appreciated Ps a sonos beam is a smart sound bar for the uninitiated
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Yes , I also agree with his statement.

It's strange that you respond now I just got Alexa working a few days ago but after all the effort it sucks . I ask it about the football, for example,and it will tell me the score of a US team or the soccer score . I live in Melbourne Australia I can even say , give me the AFL score and it hasn't a clue . I think because of the express VPN dns servers I use it gets confused but i am only guessing

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