Can't stream Sky (SkyGo app) if my Android phone is connected directly to my Asus RT-AC5300

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I'm facing a very weird situation. My current setup has an Asus RT-AC5300 updated to the latest 386.2_2 Merlin. Long story short: I can't use the SkyGo app on my Huawei P20 Pro to stream live contents, I always get an error. I can stream in 4G. Also, for the sake of curiosity I'm experimenting with OpenWRT on a Linksys WRT3200ACM which is connected as a normal client device to the RT-AC5300 (so it's NATing his own network and its WAN IP is an RT-AC5300's LAN IP). If I connect wirelessly to the Linksys, I can stream Sky contents succesfully as well. So it works even passing through the Asus router, but masqueraded by the Linksys NATing.

I used to have in place both Asus AI Protection (everything enabled) and Skynet and Diversion. Trying to track down the blocking component, I've now disabled all of them to no avail (first tried the debug process with Skynet but didn't show anything). My Huawei P20 Pro can stream Sky both bypassing my home network (4G) or using my home network as long as I don't connect it directly to the Asus router (with his own dedicated LAN IP). Exactly the same goes for another streaming app (RaiPlay, the public italian TV streaming app).

It should be noted that the Linksys receives DNSes from the Asus, so requests make the same path.

After spending a few hour trying to figure out what other options might hinder the streaming, I've now run out of ideas. Anyone any hint ?
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Found out, in the only place which I missed to check: the Web & Apps Filter in the Network Parental control. Specifically, I had set the Adult filter (I have it on all devices at home) and it looks like both streaming incur that filter (indeed, you can always ask for adult content in Sky, and probably in the other one as well I suppose).
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