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New Around Here
I found this site some time ago, but decided it was time to participate. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world.

I have been participating in dozens and dozens of forums/newsgroups since the birth of the Internet/World Wide Web. However, I have never been subjected to this level of captcha. Even when I press my eyes up against the monitor, it's still virtually impossible to view the numbers/letters. It is VERY difficult to search the forum when it takes 4 tries to get the captcha right. Of course, eventually I succeed, but don't you think you're over doing it a little bit?
Sorry that the Captcha is difficult. The Captcha module is the one that comes with vBulletin, a very widely used forums system.

Anyway, now that you are registered, you won't be bothered by it again as long as you're logged in.
Thank you for the reply. I greatly appreciate it.

LOL. I know what vBullitin is. However, I have never seen that level of complexity in the images that vBullitin uses on other sites I frequently visit. I know it's necessary, but I was just thinking that simpler images might be better.

I can see fine, but I am a little colored blind. Maybe that's why I had such a hard time with them?

Once again, thanks for the comment.
Have you considered adding a custom question?

Example: "Which of the following corporations does not manufacture routers: A) D-Link B) Cisco-Linksys C) Netgear D) McDonald's"

The success of automated spamming relies on the fact that the majority of forums use the default security package. The captcha's failure is almost guaranteed thanks to the potential marketshare and revenues awarded to the first successful cracker. Deviating from the default won't stop the small fries, but it'll thwart the bots.

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