Capturing packets on Asus AX6600 XT8

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I would like to monitor all packets going through an xt8 router. From what I've gathered I can either use port mirroring, or I can flash the router's ROM with 'entware' which will add some utilities like snort to the router's BusyBox.
The first option will allow me to install what ever tools I want, like suricata etc. But there's the packet loss issues. That's why I would like to add entware on the router, but the xt8 has kernel 4.152 and I'm not sure entware supports that.

So my questions are:
A. Are the two options I've mentioned the only reasonable ones I have?
B. Can I flash an xt8 with entware or some other package to add packet sniffing abilities?
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All packets going where? Your network and the internet? Or also your internal LAN too/only?

I don't think either of those options is available to you with any Asus router. Not enough resources are available.

If you're just looking for packets from your network and the internet, buy a small managed switch with the capabilities you require and put it between your ISP and your router.

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