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Celeno and Airgain Team Up To Create New Smart Antenna Platform

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Celeno and Airgain are collaborating on the creation of a new smart antenna reference design focused on supporting 4K video streaming applications for telecom service providers.

The combination of Celeno’s experience in smart antennas and RF with Airgain’s SAS (Smart Antenna Steering) silicon and software technology will result in new antenna platform based on Celeno’s CL2400 802.11ca 4x4 radio and SAS.

Newly generated designs based on the reference system will give designers and manufactures the necessary blueprints for smart antenna enabled 4x4 MIMO gateways, which in turn will be used by the telecommunication industry’s customers at home as set top boxes and home gateways.

A timeline for the upcoming reference project is not available at this time.

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