CES 2020: Linksys Adds 5G, Expands Wi-Fi 6 Product Lines

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Julio Urquidi

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Belkin / Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT) returned to CES with a new portfolio of Linksys-branded 5G routers and hotspots and some additions to its Wi-Fi 6 router lines.

Not many details were given, but here are the 5G devices:
  • Linksys 5G Mobile Hotspot – Aside from 5G, the new Mobile Hotspot serves up Wi-Fi 6 for wireless connections. Also, it has a USB port for fast charging.
  • Linksys 5G Modem - No details.
  • Linksys Velop 5G Mesh Gateway – Combines 5G, Linksys Intelligent Mesh and Wi-Fi 6, all in one gateway.
  • Linksys 5G Outdoor Router – Uses mmWave 5G and has a single 10 Gbps physical connection.

Two new Wi-Fi 6 routers are also being shown:
  • Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router (MR9600) – The four-stream MR9600 is the first Linksys non-Velop Wi-Fi 6 router introduced since FIT acquired Belkin. It has maximum wireless rates of 4801 Mbps in 5 GHz with 160 MHz channel bandwidth and 1147 Mbps in 2.4 GHz with a 40 MHz channel. It supports Linksys Intelligent Mesh and works with Velop nodes or Velop mesh routers for network expansion.

  • Velop WiFi 6 System (AX4200) – This is a less expensive alternative to the Velop MX5/MX10 Wi-Fi systems introduced last year. The tri-band AX4200 is said to provide 4200 sq. ft. coverage and support total maximum wireless rates up to 4200 Mbps.

    The product is listed as supporting eight-streams. But with the lower total link rate, we're guessing the four-stream 5 GHz backhaul radio tops out at 2402 Mbps (80 MHz channel) and the dual-band client-connect radio top link rates are 547 (2,4 GHz, 40 MHz channel) and 1201 Mbps (5 GHz, 80 MHz channel). Other features include Intelligent Mesh and Bluetooth.

Linksys’ 5G products will start being available starting in Spring 2020 – pricing is not available.

Linksys’ Wi-Fi 6 routers will be available starting in Spring 2020, starting with the Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router (MR9600) - $399.99, and followed by the Velop WiFi 6 System (AX4200) in Summer 2020.


New Around Here
Very interesting! I checked FCC submission for MR9600. It seems to be originally named EA9350 which makes sense since it is not comparable in specs to current EA9500 in many areas. It also seems to have been in the pipeline for sometime as the quick start guide was submitted in September last year. Unfortunately this diminished the chances we will ever see a EA9550!

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