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CES 2020: NETGEAR Expands PoE Switch Family

Julio Urquidi

News Editor
NETGEAR announced six new mananaged and unmanaged PoE switches at CES 2020.

The new POE+ switches include two managed and four unmanaged models:
  • GS110TUP Ultra60 PoE++ 10-Port GbE Smart Managed Pro Switch with a 240W power budget
  • GS710TUP Ultra60 PoE++ 10-Port GbE Smart Managed Pro Switch 8 PoE++ ports with a 480W power budget
  • GS724TPP 24-Port GbE Hi-Power PoE+ Smart Managed Pro Switch
  • GS308PP 8-Port GbE Unmanaged PoE+ Switch with 83W PoE budget
  • GS316P 16-Port GbE Unmanaged High-Power PoE+ Switch with 115W PoE budget
  • GS348PP 48-port GbE Unmanaged High-power PoE+ Switch with 380W PoE budget and 24 ports PoE
Notable features for specific models include Cloud Manageable PoE++ switches (GS110TUP and GS710TUP) using Netgear’s Uninterrupted Ultra 60 PoE for constant power, FlexPoE-enabled switches (GS308PP, GS316P and GS316PP) for flexible power budget management; and PoE auto-balance and allocation that automatically delivers the amount of power needed to power a device (GS308PP, GS316P, GS316PP and GS348PP).

All models will be shipping this month and are priced as follows: GS110TUP - $399.99, GS710TUP - $579.99, GS724TPP - $429.99, GS308PP - $119.99, GS316P - $194.99, GS316PP - $219.99, and GS348PP - $449.99. For more information, visit netgear.com/business.

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