Changed from AC86U to AX86U and Lyra Trio

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I changed from the AC86U to The Ax86u. The first thing I do is changing to Merlin Firmware.

I have set it up in an AIMesh. One ac68u and two Lyra Trios.

The problem is.... I can't turn off the LED's on the Trio nodes.... The toggle switch is in the app. But when I turn of the option greys out and nothing happens.
My kids are not happy with the light in the hallway when going to sleep.

With the AC86U it was working fine.

Are there ssh commands I can try?? Or is there something "forgotten" in the firmware.

Both the 68u and Ax86u I can control the leds by app.


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I have a similar setup, with AX-86U as main router (running Merlin 386.3_2) and Lira Trio (running latest stock) as one of the mesh nodes.
In my case I can turn the led on and off in the android app with no problems.

Maybe try removing and re-adding the Lira to the mesh?


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I've not got a Lira but I have an AX86U on Merlin with a ZenWiFi AX Mini (XD4) using stock firmware and I can turn the LED off with the router Merlin firmware. I've never tried the app.

Screen Grab.jpg


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For Lira this option in Merlin is not shown, that's why we need to use the app, there it works.


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Thanks for all the replies. I have reinstalled merlin several times.
I have flashed beta firmware on Lyra.

But still the lights won't come out.... The button with toggle switch in the app is there. But when I toggle it. The button gets greyed out....

I think i am going to desolder some leds then.

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