Cheap TV Boxes - US Customs cracking down?


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We've all seen the little Android TV boxes, and there's some out there that run Windows on low power Intel chips.

CNX Soft, which is an embedded software site I follow, recently posted an article where it looks like Customs is taking a strong look at declared "TV Boxes", mostly based on Trademark infringement, to take these out of circulation.

Now these were Windows/Intel based, but there's nothing to keep Google from doing the same thing with regards to Android, and there's been ongoing friction with the Kodi community regarding these "pirate" boxes..


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Yep - I’m trying to find a way to make a friend a Google TV box since he’s having a rough time and no tv - tried offering something like plex or kodi but he’s not familiar with anything like a media center - figured there would be a pigtv build and be fine on the pi 4 but the process to get it running was surprisingly a process. Looked around a bit and seems even odroid which I’ve never heard of but Android friendly doesn’t seem to have a build for Google tv. I’m a little shocked and more pissed.

I planned to give him what he wanted in a nice case with a nice remote I found and bring something better and introduce him to it..

we buy their os on our phones and allow their perusal of our email and what we’re looking for online and their upset some are using it without their being able to associate it with our dossiers effortlessly?

Oh well I’ll just order one from China and give him their tv that’s probably been thrashed and have the typical note about an alternative to the google spot to use it.. they should team up with the others so people switch completely towards that model.. ugh

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