Cheapest 2.5G switch (standard Ethernet, not SFP) for home network


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I'm looking for switch that can handle 2.5G. It can be 10G overall but has to be able to properly handle 2.5G because that's what my home network will be. It can also be hybrid, where some ports are 1G but I need at least two to be 2.5G+. I prefer it to be unmanaged because I won't gain anything from being able to set it up myself but considering price being major factor here, if it has to be managed then I can live with that.
The only one I found that is really cheap (considering overall >1G hardware prices) is QSW-1105-5T from QNAP. I wonder though if there are some other devices? Maybe some used ones that I could look for? I don't mind using used ones or Chinese ones if there are some. I need it to be as cheap as possible ;) because I will have to buy two of them for very small network.
I tried to look myself but it's really hard to filter out all the listings if you don't know model number...

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