check disconnection how to? help please


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hi, sorry for the questione

I need to check when the router losts the wan connection.i've read something about to send an email, but i'm new and didn't undestand much...
I looked inside the log in the web gui, but i din't find anything...
i really need monitoring the disconnection to undestand the problem...

could you help me please?

on fritzbox i found the option , but on asus with merlin no...

Maby thanks!


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None can help me?
in the log file how can i find the connection?

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Look for messages in the system log that have "WAN" in them, e.g.
Apr 28 17:49:07 WAN(0)_Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.

Apr 28 17:50:08 WAN(0)_Connection: Ethernet link up.
Apr 28 17:50:08 rc_service: wanduck 612:notify_rc restart_wan_if 0
Apr 28 17:50:12 dhcp_client: bound via during 371316 seconds.

Apr 28 17:50:16 WAN(0)_Connection: WAN was restored.


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Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save the log to a file on your PC. Then use an editor like Notepad++ to search the file.


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Thank you so much!
I m Becoming crazy because there are lags when I'm playing stadia with asus ac86u, but everything is much more fluid with friztbox 7590...
Fritz box sends me an email on every disconnection... I've to understand if the lag with asus is due for the disconnection...

About the lag with asus I've to open another thread?

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