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Chrome Remote Desktop Disconnects continually after updating stock Firmware to Merlin


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First time Asus-Merlin user here. Upon installing it, I'm not longer able to keep connections with Chrome Remote Desktop which is what I currently use to access my PC's remotely. It disconnects on all PC's after 5 second. This never happened with any stock router firmware. seems like the router is kicking me off. Is there some sort of setting or connection I need to allow?

Asus RT-AC88U running latest version of ASUS-Merlin firmware.

Any help greatly appreciated as i'd like to continue using this Firmware however I need to be able to remote access my PC's



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After installing RMerlin firmware, it is highly recommended that you do a full reset to factory defaults and follow up with a minimal and manual configuration to secure your router and connect to your ISP.

Please see my signature below to see the M&M Config and the Nuclear Reset guides for further details on how to get your router to a good/known state.

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