Cisco AnyConnect VPN client issues

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Hi all, would love to hear some suggestions. Every device I have is working fine thru my 86u. Except my work laptop when invoking the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client. It works fine until I start the vpn client. I go from 200Mpbs to .4 when the VPN client starts. This seemed to have started a couple of fw revisions back. I recently went back to factory defaults and started from scratch and it helped for a week or so but now it’s back to the same. This happens if wireless or hard wired.


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I use Cisco AnyConnect V4.9.00086 for work. I don't see any drop. Using RT-AX88U. Also, no problems with RT-AC68U in the past before I had the AX.


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Using Cisco AnyConnect 4.5.02036 for work without issue on my RT-AC88U and Merlin 384.19.

Any way to plug the laptop directly into your ISP without the router to see if the issue persists?

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