Cisco CBW240ac Wireless AP

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Anybody use one of these? I ordered a 3 pk today. The specs seem good to me. You can have 200 users per radio for a total of 400 with a 1000 in the system.

It seems to imply you can use google or Facebook to register as a guest. This sounds great to me. Trying to run a web page is too much trouble for me.

They are supposed You can have up to 50 APs connected. This does not help me.

They support 4 levels of QoS Cisco calls it traffic shaping voice, video, normal, guest low priority. Under normal they have a lot of bandwidth limiting rules you can apply.

It also supports mesh networks up to 8 hops.

It has two 1 gig ports so I will connect up with a lag when I get them.

Amazon has them for $169 but they are sold out so I ordered a 3 pk.

Here is a link for traffic shaping.
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I am searching all over the net for info on these units LOL! But no real world reviews are out yet.... The community would really appreciate if you gave an in-depth review on this new system... I private messaged you on DSLReports...


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My order was messed up and I did not notice for a week and by then they were gone. So, I don't own any.

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