Cisco RV34x router's firmware Update


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Count yourself lucky that the issue was found before the actual EOS date, or otherwise you would have gotten the usual Cisco response for these cases ("Won't fix, recommend switching hardware").

End of Vulnerability/Security Support:
The last date that Cisco Engineering may release a planned maintenance release or scheduled software remedy for a security vulnerability issue.October 28, 2022


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Thanks for posting this - had missed this update. Have been asking on the Cisco Forum about opinions for replacements for RV-34X - most seem to think Cisco has abandoned the Small Business line and that there will not actually be a "CBR" direct replacement. A shame - this has been a rock solid router for me but will likely look to replace once Oct rolls around.


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Yes, thanks for posting.

My pet peeve, explained:
Once again I get the popup message about new firmware upon logging in to the router LAN interface.
Once again I click on the link in the popup message states the release notes are available here.
Once again the notes for the new release are not on the linked page, the latest listed in the previous release.
Once again have to hack the URL to see the release notes, change the "v1_0_03_26" to "v1_0_03_28":

Once again means have had to do this for every one of the last 6 or 8 releases.
End of pet peeve.

Overall I'm glad to see Cisco in on the ball still supporting this model line.

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