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Cisco SG350-10P L3 Switch

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I finally setup my Cisco SG350-10P as my home L3 switch. My wife had a FaceTime happy hour with 1 of her girl friends at 6:00 PM and then we had to stream for a while watching her shows. So about 10:00 PM I had a window to replace my L3 switch. It took a couple of hours. I got most everything running. I still have 1 HP color laser network device to add to the L3 switch. I need to create an access port for for the guess VLAN and probably reload HP's software. I did not want to deal with it last night. The trunk port to the Cisco WAP581 wireless APs shows traffic from VLAN10 which is my router VLAN so I need to exclude VLAN10 traffic. This is a difference between Cisco small business switches and Cisco IOS switches. With IOS switches you add the VLANs to a trunk port and with Cisco small business switches all VLANs are in the trunk port.

I setup my usual 4 home VLANs. I use a router VLAN, a main LAN VLAN, a guest VLAN, and a server VLAN. Since I turned off my server rack the server VLAN does not see much use. The router VLAN only has 1 device the router. This keeps anything from slowing it down doing internet traffic. DHCP is done on the switch.

Since I am not running all my servers I don't need all the ports of a big switch. The SG350-10P seems to work well for home use. I think there is a firmware bug on the reported POE+ power use. It shows 52 watts for 2 Cisco WAP581 APs. Cisco states 18 watts is maximum POE+ power draw for a WAP581 wireless AP. Plus my older Cisco SG300-10MPP shows the power draw as less.

I paid $150 for this Cisco SG350-10P off eBay. I think you can put together a nice home Cisco system used off eBay for about what an high-end all-in-one router costs. Cisco WAP581 APs go for $100 on eBay used. A Cisco RV340 router costs a little over $200. So for around a little less than $500 you could buy 1 Cisco SG350-10P L3 switch, 1 Cisco WAP581 wireless AP, and 1 Cisco RV340 router with room and power for an addition Cisco wireless AP.

I am drawing less electricity now that I have consolidated all my switches to 1 POE+ L3 switch with no fans. It is a cute little L3 switch that work well so far.
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