Cisco WAP571 Firmware

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So, every so often I check for firmware updates and I noticed that while I was using firmware version for WAP571 when I check the downloads section the latest release is showing as When I check "All Release" section there is even a version. Thoughts on what is happening and which version I should be using? I do not have a particular issue to resolve but I do try to keep things up to date.



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First thing I tried actually. Interestingly the release notes are from 1.0.x.x versions and are not updated. Very strange - hence my post.


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i would wait until release notes are issued and the version is in the "latest" released folder unless told by tech support otherwise.


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Yes, that makes sense for sure. Interesting though that even the release notes for the "latest" version reflect old 1.0.x.x versions. Also, pretty sure I would only have upgraded to as a current version - curious that is seems to have rolled back to for some reason.

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