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I am attmepting to set up a MoCA network at home. I just got a Actiontec ECB2200 for cheap on eBay.

I attempted to connect to my home router, which is the Fios G1100. I have a PC connected to the router by ethernet. I put a splitter on my coax line that comes from the wall into the router and attached both the router and first adapter to the coax splitter as the instructions stated. Turned on the first box and suddenly all my devices went offline, including the PC that has a direct ethernet connection to the router. Is Fios known for this issue?

Now I saw somewhere the router is MoCA 2.0 and 1.1 compatible, so does that mean I do not need to use both converter units and just need one in the bedroom I am trying to connect to?

Do I need a different splitter?

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